Great shop full of amazing unique gifts. Love the board game selection! Truly a place one must visit when in picton! Staff are very friendly and helpful. My new favourite shop to visit!


Bonkers is awesome!
There is a great selection and the staff is very friendly and helpful.
Would 100% recommend.


I love this store, I think many people do because it reminds them of their childhood. This store has something for everyone, honestly if you are thinking of a gift this store has to a lot to offer. Plenty of brain puzzles, games, funny gifts for children and adults.


There was a lovely gentleman who helped my girlfriend and I pick a new board game for our collection! Fantastic prices - way better than any other games retailer I've ever seen. And the fun masks available were a great touch. Can't wait to come back!


Bonkers is an amazing place. It has so many toys and fun gadgets that you never knew you needed. Every time I visit Promenade, I visit Bonkers because they change their stock frequently and it's fun looking at the stuff they have. They also have a lot of candy and treats here. This place has every and any treat you could think of. There are many board games here also, a huge shelf of them actually. The employees here are also very nice to keep in mind.